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My Cowgirl Attitude or Growing Up Cowgirl

I envied the girls who have grown up on ranches. They were riding horses before they could walk. They also had their mom’s and dad’s and possibly other family and ranch hands that helped them learn all the cowgirl arts of roping, riding, how to take care of your horse, and even shooting a gun.

This site is about the cowgirl life as I know it and dream it. I’m sharing stories and thoughts on different parts of the cowgirl life. I would like you to share your thoughts and dreams in this area. So I welcome you to my horse loving site. 

I didn’t know any cowgirls while growing up, but I had my icons from television. One was Betsy Garth from the Virginian. She had her father, Trampas, the Virginian, Steve, and Randy to teach her all she could ever learn about horses and life on a ranch. She and Randy even sang together. I would have loved living on a ranch; to be able to saddle up my horse and put boots in the stirrups and ride off over the range for miles.

There were also cowboy, Roy Rogers and his cowgirl wife, Dale Evans who I watched from time to time. Roy riding Trigger and Dale galloping on Buttercup was a thrill a minute for this cowgirl’s heart.

My Thoughts About the Cowgirl:

The cowgirl is the counterpart of the cowboy. She’s the softer side, but in a tough way. She has her own ideas of how to get things done, whether it’s how to ride a horse or cooking dinner over an open fire.

I think the true cowgirl lives her life caring about others and her animals, especially her horse. There’s always been something about girls and horses.

I like to remember the rodeo cowgirls too from long ago.  Ones like Lucille Mulhall and Fanny Sperry Steele were a couple of the old time cowgirls back when they rode bulls and competed against the cowboys.  They were definitely tough.  I know I couldn’t be like them, but I dreamed about it.

For me the love of horses came from my heart somewhere, sometime when I didn’t even know.

My First Pony:

Blackie and me out on one of our many rides.
Blackie and I out on one of our many rides.

My parents bought Blackie for me when I was nine. On Saturday mornings I’d watch Fury, the story of a boy and his black horse. Then I’d go saddle up Blackie and ride all over our ten acres making up stories, I’d ride and gallop around pretending my pony was Fury and we’d track down the outlaws or just bring in the cows.

A Few Years Later:

Now days, and many years later, I ride out in a big sagebrush covered field with hills and trails to follow. Funny thing, I still make up little stories in my head. I ride and feel I’m in tune with the cowgirls from the past. It’s just me and my little mare Poppy out there against the wilds, but we enjoy the time and being able to take pleasure in the open air under blue skies.

Other days I’m here in my own era working with my horse, trying to teach her something new. The other day a friend set up a trail course in the arena. We rode our horses around and through the obstacles. That was fun and something different for the horses too. I’d like to teach my horse a few simple tricks and continue making her into a well behaved horse. When we are both learning, then neither one of us will get bored.

Who Is the Cowgirl?

I recently read an article stating that one could lose their cowgirl status if not used. The words bothered me. It brought up something I read that Dale Evans had written; “being a cowgirl was an attitude, a pioneer spirit.” She went on to say, “The cowgirl faces life head on…” Dale also said that a cowgirl could be a rancher or barrel racer, but could just as well be a cashier, a mom, or a number of other occupations. I tend to agree with Dale.

I don’t live on a ranch and don’t do a lot of cowgirl stuff, but my heart is with the cowgirls. I didn’t have all the opportunities some have and it may be my fault; I was shy, not enough money, I married young, I let others tell me what I should do and so forth and so on. My cowgirl attitude wasn’t as strong back then as it is now.

A lot of times when I’m out there on my horse I remember those days of riding Blackie and my other horse, Sandy and life is good and has a balance again. I’m loping through the fields like Betsy Garth and Dale Evans looking for an adventure out on the range or in the next cattle town in my big imagination.

I certainly hope it’s not true that a girl could lose her cowgirl wit and spirit. I’m going to think not.

Poppy and I up on the hill overlooking the valley.

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