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A Few Days At a Dude Ranch

Charley and I headed down a trail.

I’ve wondered what it would be like to spend a few days at a dude ranch. I wanted to experience the moments for myself. I have always wanted to ride a horse out on the open range; smell the air, feel a soft breeze in my hair, and especially feel the movements of a horse I am riding. There is something about being in the saddle and letting the horse step out in his natural habitat and absorbing nature. It’s hard to explain unless you experience it.
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New or Used Saddles

Horse Saddle Shop 1/11/2019 clearance and used saddle report
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Silver Royal
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Syd Hill
Tex Tan
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The Best Horse Riding Helmet

One style of Troxel helmet.
One style of Troxel helmet.

Troxel is the best horse riding helmet out there, in my opinion.

I’ve thought I should buy a riding helmet. I’m an older lady and should use all the protection available. My friend I ride with wears the headgear. She never says I can’t ride with her because I don’t have one, but I have read of others who do say that. Or they won’t give a person riding lessons unless they wear the protective headgear. This has led me to find out about the best horse riding helmet out there. Continue reading The Best Horse Riding Helmet

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Tribute to My Horses

Poppy in her younger days.

Where do I start writing about what I feel about my little mare? I’ve put off writing in depth about this because it hurts. My heart is broken. Poppy has been a special girl in my life and has a special place in my heart.

A Tribute to All My Horses

I want to add this is a testimonial for all my equine friends. My first pony, Blackie, my first horse, Sandy, and her filly, Trampas have special homes in my heart as well.
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