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Toys for Horses

Toys for horses
Is it my turn or yours?

Toys for horses is a subject never crossing my mind. I had not thought about horses and toys in the same corral. But some horses like to push and kick a ball around or nose at an apple flavor toy swinging in their stall.  I love to watch TV shows about horses and clinicians; trying to keep up with what is going on in the wonderful world of horses. I learned about horse toys while watching one of these shows. Continue reading Toys for Horses

Using CBD Oil

My little mare Poppy has a mass near her back legs. It’s about small melon size the last time the veternarian checked her. I had heard that using CBD oil may reduce the mass or at the least make her more comfortable.

It’s not getting any smaller. Where I’m not sure it has grown either, she does act differently. She walks crooked and stands rather oddly and also leans against anything that is near such as her stall wall. She is still grazing in the pasture and doesn’t seem to be in pain.
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Why Do Horses Yawn?

I’m talking to my horse and brushing her. We are having a conversation. Then she yawns. “I’m sorry, am I boring you?” I ask. She yawns again.

Oh my, it’s been a long day!

We’ve been out riding in the pasture, probably about a half hour or so. When she’s brushed and hooves cleaned I turn her loose in her pen. She ducks her head slightly and the mouth opens wide in a grinning yawn. “Did I really wear you out that much?” I say and pat her on the neck and give her a hug.

Is He Sleepy?

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Older Horses Losing Their Hair

The Cushing’s is very noticeable.

I noticed Poppy’s unusual shedding in late March of 2017. Her hair was thick from winter growth and seemed normal before spring started.

Is It Cushing’s?

As I started the currying process hair came out in bunches. I still didn’t think much of it. I can’t make it out to see my horse everyday so next time I was out there I was a little shocked at how terrible she looked. (See included picture). It breaks my heart to see her look like this. Continue reading Older Horses Losing Their Hair