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Do Horses Communicate?

Talk to me, please!

It’s probably a silly question- of course, they do. All living species have a form of communication. The better question may be how do horses communicate with man? Is there a right way and wrong way to communicate? Is petting and scratching part of it? I think it is. I think it’s important to talk with your horse and pet and brush them, letting them know you are there. Continue reading Do Horses Communicate?

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Why Do Horses Yawn?

I’m talking to my horse and brushing her. We are having a conversation. Then she yawns. “I’m sorry, am I boring you?” I ask. She yawns again.

Oh my, it’s been a long day!

We’ve been out riding in the pasture, probably about a half hour or so. When she’s brushed and hooves cleaned I turn her loose in her pen. She ducks her head slightly and the mouth opens wide in a grinning yawn. “Did I really wear you out that much?” I say and pat her on the neck and give her a hug.

Is He Sleepy?

Continue reading Why Do Horses Yawn?

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What Are Your Horse’s Eyes Telling You?


I gazed at my horse’s eyes and wondered what she was trying to tell me. What are your horse’s eyes telling you?

Those big, usually brown eyes, are the screen to his mind and what he is thinking at any given time. They can tell how he is going to act for the day or at this point. Continue reading What Are Your Horse’s Eyes Telling You?

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