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Tribute to My Horses

Poppy in her younger days.

Where do I start writing about what I feel about my little mare? I’ve put off writing in depth about this because it hurts. My heart is broken. Poppy has been a special girl in my life and has a special place in my heart.

A Tribute to All My Horses

I want to add this is a testimonial for all my equine friends. My first pony, Blackie, my first horse, Sandy, and her filly, Trampas have special homes in my heart as well.
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Horse Riding Vacations: West Virginia

I found two dude type ranches in West Virginia, but not much information.

For Bear Mountain Resort I couldn’t find a website, only the address and phone number which follows:

Bear Mountain Resort

RR3 Box 180-A4

Princeton, WV 24740

Phone # (540) 298-0687


Canyon Rim Ranch

Rr1 601B

Fayetteville, WV 25840

Phone # (304) 574-3111

About all I could find on this ranch was the address and phone as well.

The website I found only said there was horseback riding, along with whitewater rafting and ATV opportunities in the New River Gorge Park.

Their accommodations sound great. There are hot showers, air-conditioned bunk houses with modern conveniences.

I couldn’t’t see any price rates for either of these places so be sure and call for updated information.

Thank you for stopping by. If anyone reading this has more information on any of these two facilities please let me know.¬† I’ll do my best to answer any questions as well.

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