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Do Horses Communicate?

Talk to me, please!

It’s probably a silly question- of course, they do. All living species have a form of communication. The better question may be how do horses communicate with man? Is there a right way and wrong way to communicate? Is petting and scratching part of it? I think it is. I think it’s important to talk with your horse and pet and brush them, letting them know you are there. Continue reading Do Horses Communicate?

Tribute to My Horses

Poppy in her younger days.

Where do I start writing about what I feel about my little mare? I’ve put off writing in depth about this because it hurts. My heart is broken. Poppy has been a special girl in my life and has a special place in my heart.

A Tribute to All My Horses

I want to add this is a testimonial for all my equine friends. My first pony, Blackie, my first horse, Sandy, and her filly, Trampas have special homes in my heart as well.
Continue reading Tribute to My Horses