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In thinking about this horse blog; I wanted it to be a place where we could gather and talk about horses. You know kind of like when guys talk cars or the last fishing trip or the ladies talk make-up and fashion. Well, I’m a lady, but not much into fashion or make-up. But I do like to talk horse. I get excited when I hear the subject come up. I like hearing other people’s stories of growing up with horses or the horses they have now. Maybe they’ve solved a problem or are sharing a memory.

On my blog I’m not am expert rider or an expert in horse health or an expert trainer either. I’m a horse lover. I’ve loved horses since, well I can’t even remember when I started loving horses. Seems it’s always been there.

There are plenty of horse sites that cover health, riding help, and training, but my site here is just to share stories, memories of when we had a horse, our first horse or pony. The first time we rode and knew we were in love with this majestic creature.

Sharing a Horse Experience

This is a place to hang your halter on the fence post and put a foot on the corral rail and lean against the poles and reminisce about your life with the horse. I share my experiences too, along with thoughts.

I came across the question; does your horse like to be with you? Well, I guess I hadn’t thought about it. Of course, he does. I brush him and put a saddle and bridle on and ride for hours. So of course, he likes being with me. But then I did think about it and I think I can truthfully answer that question with a yes.

When my little Poppy girl sees my car her ears are forward and she watches me get parked. She starts walking to meet me. Even if she’s in the pasture with another horse she heads to the gate.

I did have an incident one time with her and another horse. That Palomino did not want me catching Poppy. He would get between me and her and bite at her and chase her away from me. I did not like the Palomino. I was glad when he finally moved on to another pasture. Poppy was back to meeting me again.

Other horses I’ve had didn’t seem to mind being with me either, except Chief. But I don’t think he wanted to be with anyone except other horses. He was way too much horse for me and I was glad when he went back to his previous owner.

Even my first stubborn Shetland/Welsh pony would greet me out in the field and we’d have wonderful rides and adventure together.

My first pony, Blackie.

Some Things to Chat About

These are things to talk about in this blog. I’d like to explore the old time cowgirl too. She was tough and good to her horses. Horsey memories and the real life cowgirl stories from the past would be fun to discuss with other like-minded now day cowgirls.

For more of my thoughts on this horse site read here.

So saddle up and let’s take a ride and talk horses.

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment or ask a question, start a discussion. I’m waiting at the corral.

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