Horse Riding Vacation: Iowa

Green, rolling hills of Iowa

My parents and grandparents lived in Iowa, but my parents moved away after they married. I have visited there a few times. I spent a summer with the grandparents and outside of a bout with homesickness, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

I thought the rolling green hills so pretty. I had one scare with a tornado warning, but it went around our town. I remember the calm warm air and my grandpa saying when a cool breeze starts the tornado is gone. Sure was glad when that cool breeze came by.

Apparently the Double D Guest Ranch in Pella is the only dude ranch in Iowa. If a reader knows different please let me know.

Double D Guest Ranch

Contact information is:

761 183rd Place

Pella, Iowa 50219

Phone # (641) 620-9100

email is

Double D offers three trail riding packages.

Package A:

This ride is for the brand new rider. The guest will be introduced to a horse and learn how to brush, saddle, and bridle the horse. The first ride will happen in the arena. When the rider feels safe with her new horsey friend, the ride can continue out on the trail. The rate is $75. per person for around two hours.

Package B:

The ride will accommodate the rider with a little more experience. Rider and horse are privileged to ride in Elk Rock State Park. The ride is for around two hours. The price is $100. per person.

Package C:

If you are an experienced rider and can stay in the saddle for awhile this ride will also take place at Elk Rock State Park. The ride goes for two hours, take a break and continue for another two hours or so. Price is $150. per person.

Lodging is in the ranch’s guest camper trailer. Call (641) 620-9100 for prices and how many guests it can accommodate.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this vacation possibility. Please leave a comment or ask a question. I’ll answer as best I can.

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