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Writing about the ranches in Arizona might be my favorite so far. I lived in AZ for a year and absolutely loved it. I was fascinated with the cactus and the whole desert atmosphere.

I’ve chosen four ranches to talk about. Hope you enjoy reading and may even want to take a ride on one of the ranches.


Tanque Verde Ranch:

This ranch is located at 14301 East Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85748. Phone is 800-234-3833 and website is

I haven’t stayed at this ranch, but I did drive by it once when I was privileged to live in Tucson for a year. I remember the area being beautiful with the cactus growing toward the sky. Coming from Washington State and living among the pine trees that grow to the sky, this awed me beyond words.

As I research about this ranch I find it consists of some 60,000 acres of Tucson’s desert and cactus land in the Rincon Mountains and next to Saquaro National Park and Coronado National Forest.


At Tanque Verde there is plenty of horse activities to choose from. Guests can start out learning basic horsemanship or get into the intermediate. There are several rides to choose from like starting the day with a breakfast ride and ending the day with a sunset ride. There are lope rides, penning, mountain adventure or walk rides in between.

If riding is not on your agenda there is always something else to choose from. Go for a hike or take a bike riding adventure, or play tennis, go fishing, as well as all kinds of fun things for the kids.

For the guests comfort there are Haciendas to stay in named Javelina Heights and Mountain Vistas. A Salas offers queen size beds and king size. Casitas are a bit bigger with sitting areas and fire places.

I couldn’t find any price list so be sure to call them at 800-234-3833.


Rancho De Las Caballeros:

The ranch contact information is 1551 S Vulture Mine Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390.  Phone reservation number is 844-275-8277.

Of course horseback riding tops the lists of things to do. With 20,000 acres the ranch boasts a different trail ride every time you start out.

How about combining a horse ride with lessons about the desert? This ranch lets you experience both, if you desire, on their nature ride.

Golfing, a spa, good eats, along with sports such as swimming, tennis, or if you want to improve your marksmanship you can do some trap and skeet shooting round out other fun things to do.

Hiking is available here too. Guests can take a guided hike into the Hassayampa River Preserve. This area still has some ruins to explore and a lot of wildlife to see. Don’t forget the camera.

Rates for staying at this ranch are broke down into five room kind to choose from. The Ranch and Hermosa are $345. in the low season and $445. in high traffic times.

The Sunset is $395. during the slower time and $445. during high times.

The Bradshaw $445. while it’s slow and $545. when it’s faster.

The Maricopa $495. slow and $595. fast.

Check to make sure there is a room available at 1-800-684-5030.

There are other packages available such as the Ranch Experience starting at $565. per night for a double occupant. The Getaway starts at $395. The Giddy-Up Gals rate starts at $598.

The Golf package is all about golfing and starts at $615. per person.


Tombstone Monument Ranch:

The address is 895 West Monument Rd, Tombstone, AZ 85638. Phone is (520) 457-7299 or (520) 457-8707. Email is

I have been to Tombstone, but I was only around eight years old and don’t remember that much about it. Would love to go visit again and also take in some time at this beautiful ranch which is only three miles from the town of Tombstone.

A lot of old west stuff took place here. Such western icons as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Cochise walked the ground, or should I say rode in this area.

Some of the fun things to do here are the horse activities from lessons to going out on the trails.

Going off the ranch will give even more time to explore during trips and hikes. I’ll list a few here like Dragoon Mountain tour, Chiricahua National Monument tour, Sonoita Wine Tasting, OK Corral Gunfight, and more to choose from

Some pricing is for the Standard Main. A single $250., double $225. per person.

Deluxe Private Terrace and Dragoon. Single $270., double $245. per person.

Jr. Suite Main. Single $270., double $245. per person.

Premium Suite Private Terrace and Dragoon. Single $330., double $300. per person

In all of these rooms if there is additional guests, it is $115. each.

There is some other pricing depending on the date. Be sure and check that out at under Rates.


White Stallion Ranch:

Their information is as follows: 9251 W Twin Peaks Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743. Phone is (520) 297-0252.

White Stallion Ranch say they have the largest herd of horses in all of Arizona. With this many horses they are more then able to accommodate any rider; from the green horn to the experienced rider. They offer several rides to choose from.

The Mountain rides are just what it sounds like, a ride up the mountains and beautiful views to take in when you get there. The Slow rides take you around the ranch so quests can enjoy the desert and cactus.

The Fast rides let you canter through and around the cactus at a faster pace.

How about an all day ride? Sounds wonderful to me. Instead of putting in eight hours at your job you can be in the saddle for eight hours riding through the Saquaro National Park and Box Canyon. Oh, lunch is brought along to enjoy along the trail.

Other horse activities include lessons in riding either in a group or individual instructions. There is an extra fee for this; $20. per person for an hour with the group or $54. for an hour of private lessons.

Guests can opt to go on a hay ride or maybe you’d like to go on the Beer and Cheetos ride or the Wine and Cheese ride. I haven’t ran across this offer yet, sounds fun. I’m not a beer drinker, but the wine might be good.

One other horse activity is the Team Penning. This is a popular sport where you work as a team to pen some cows during a certain amount of time. I am sure I would like to try this event. It would be fun and a challenge.

Their prices are per person per day and per person per week. The dates are June 14-Sept. 26, January 2-February 14, April 26-June 13, September 27-December 19, February 15-April 25, December 2, 2015 January 1, 2016.

They have a price list and dates on their website for 2015 – 2017 at

Thank you for stopping by my hitching post. Please leave a comment or ask a question. I’ll do my best to answer.

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