Horse Riding Vacations: New Hampshire

I found two possibilities in New Hampshire. They are both called “farms”, but horses are on farms so check them out.

Charmingfare Farm

Contact Information:

774 High St

Candia, New Hampshire 03034

phone # (603) 483-5623

The farm located eight miles from Manchester sounds like a fun and charming place to visit.

To begin with it is a working farm with plowed and planted fields, animals to feed, and a rooster to wake guests so they can get started with all the activities.

There are horseback rides where you are set up with a mount you’ll be comfortable with for your stay.

In nice weather there is summer camp and field trips for kids.

Picnics, concerts, even magic shows. There are hayrides and in winter a sleigh rides along with Christmas happenings.

The farm features a zoo. Along with regular type farm animals there is wildlife too. Pay the $19. for a zoo ticket and you can see wildlife exhibits that include black bear, cougar, gray fox, lynx, to name a few.

The horse rides are $60. per person and are about 90 minutes. Out on the trail more sites meet the eye like more wildlife to see as well as the beautiful surroundings. They suggest bringing a camera to capture the memories.

Be sure and check out their web site for other pricing and events at

North Road Farm

Contact Information

370 North Rd

Freemont, NH 03044

phone # (603) 303-1584

North Road Farm is a riding facility, camp and 4-H club for kids, adults, and handicap guests.

This is one place where a guest can ride along the beach at South Beach, Hampton New Hampshire State Park. These are guided rides at low tide for one to two hours. This is $185. per person.

A nature trail ride is $75. per person. These rides go from 45 minutes to 120 minutes.

Another favorite ride is a two hour introduction to riding. This is $110. per person. You get a lot of instruction on how to communicate with your mount before and after and including the actual ride.

A single one hour ride is available for $75. per person.

Other rides and activities are Book of Rides, the 4-H Riding Club, Horse Apprentice Volunteer, and Summer Horse Camp.

Be sure and check out all their possibilities at their web site

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