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Jo Monaghan: Mystery Cowgirl

Little Joe” Monaghan, Cowboy Joe, or Jo Monaghan the beautiful debutante; who was this young person who stayed mostly to themselves? It’s been written that this is a mystery that will never be solved.

Little Joe was born in 1848, and born a woman, but no one knew that till after she died and people were laying her out for her funeral. Continue reading Jo Monaghan: Mystery Cowgirl

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My Cowgirl Attitude or Growing up Cowgirl


Hi, I’m Judy. Welcome to my horse site. Enjoy!

I envied the girls who have grown up on ranches. They were riding horses before they could walk. They also had their mom’s and dad’s and possibly other family and ranch hands that helped them learn all the cowgirl arts of roping, riding, how to take care of your horse, and even shooting a gun.

I would like this site to be about the cowgirl life as I know it and dream it. I’m sharing stories and thoughts on different parts of the cowgirl life. I would like you to share your thoughts and dreams in this area. So I welcome you to my horse loving site.  Continue reading My Cowgirl Attitude or Growing up Cowgirl

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