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Reading a Horse’s Body Language

The horse out in the field is grazing when suddenly he hears or sees something and off he runs round and around the field, kicking, bucking, snorting and then the next minute he is back to grazing. Reading a horse’s body language is an art, takes time, but is well worth it for more enjoyment and safety. Continue reading Reading a Horse’s Body Language

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Wildfire, Smoke, and Your Horse

A wildfire exploding
A wildfire exploding

With all the recent wildfires in my area and the smoke lingering in the air for several days, I wondered how healthy all this could be for my horse?

I know it’s a little after the fact now. With the cooler weather and spotty rains, the fires around here have been reduced to smokey ash. But I think it’s still good to know about this kind of air quality, or I should say not so good quality of air, and what we as horse owners can do.

In the research I’ve done I found that if a person is having trouble breathing and breathing problems, chances are your horse is suffering too. He can be uncomfortable, coughing and choking the same as a person.

Continue reading Wildfire, Smoke, and Your Horse

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Horse Riding Vacations: California





Alisal Guest Ranch

What can you do on ten thousand acres? Well, at Alisal Guest Ranch there’s a lot to do.

The ranch contact information is as follows; 1054 S. Alisal Rd. Solvang, CA 93463. They have several phone numbers. For reservations ring (800) 4 – ALISAL or (805) 688 – 6411. Guests service number is (805) 686 – 7700. The spa number is (805) 686 – 7701. Email is info@alisal.com. They have a contact form on their website at http://www.alisal.com.

Back at the ranch there are some 50 miles of trails to ride horses on or ride bikes, or hike. There’s always the possibility of spying a bobcat, birds like hawks and eagles, and of course deer. Continue reading Horse Riding Vacations: California

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I Love Horse Quotes




I like quotes in general, but adding the magnificent equine to profound thoughts is the ultimate in putting words together. Those little snippets, a turn of phrase that leave something extra in your heart and mind to make you sit up and wonder, give me a smile. I love the horse quotes the best.

There are a lot of horse quotes and quotes from horse people. I will try to include a variety of both. Continue reading I Love Horse Quotes

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