The Best Horse Riding Helmet

One style of Troxel helmet.
One style of Troxel helmet.

Troxel is the best horse riding helmet out there, in my opinion.

I’ve thought I should buy a riding helmet. I’m an older lady and should use all the protection available. My friend I ride with wears the headgear. She never says I can’t ride with her because I don’t have one, but I have read of others who do say that. Or they won’t give a person riding lessons unless they wear the protective headgear. This has led me to find out about the best horse riding helmet out there.

The video below explains how to get the correct fit for your helmet.  Thanks for watching.

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What I Learned

Wow, if Troxel helmets aren’t the best, but I think they are, they must be the oldest. They’ve been going since 1898. In 1992 the headgear was developed by a doctor. Both western and English style riders can find the right helmet for their needs. Troxel is the only maker of safety headgear that takes in all forms of the equestrian world.

A Company of Firsts

Troxel has a lot of firsts. They came up with the first American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in 1992. It is now called ASTM International.

All their school and show helmets are certified.

They were first to include trail and western style safety helmets for those riders out on the back beaten paths.

They also offer a helmet accident program to replace damaged gear. And the list goes on. If there is a new feature to try chances are Troxel will be on it and bring it out first.



All Troxel helmets are certified under SEI/ASTM. What do these letters mean? Yes, I wondered too. I’ve already said that ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials and is a group that makes sure everything is up to par and the way it should be and safe for use. SEI is Safety Equipment Institute, the organization puts a safety validation on a lot of commercial enterprises and the riding helmets are one.

These helmets are made to fit any shape or size head, even hairstyles.

This safety helmet will last some five years under normal use. If a rider rides more or has a mishap, then it should be replaced sooner and immediately if involved in an accident.

Price Versus Protection

There seems to be no difference between price and protection. If it has the SEI/ASTM seal on it, it will protect as well as a more expensive model. Spending more money most likely is for a fancier design and or color.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning the helmet is relatively easy too. The liner can be washed with a mild soap and water and dry thoroughly. It’s suggested to use compressed air to blow out the air vents in the helmet. With plastic headgear, they can be wiped off with a soft cloth and spray of furniture polish.

Other headgear such as the microfiber can be cleaned with the light soap method. The leather helmets it’s suggested to use a damp cloth, and if wanted some leather cleaning solution can be used.

Other Brands

Troxel is not the only helmet out there in the marketplace.

A style that includes fashion colors is Ultra-Lite Equi-Lite Fashion Color Helmet with Dial-Fit-System.  It appears in Lavender, Blue Mist, Sunset Pink, and Citron.

Reviews on the style ranged from it’s a comfortable fit, a perfect fit, and “vibrant” colors.

It’s said this one is good for the beginner, but not in the show ring.

Prices are $36. to $45.

 The Charles Owen Ayr8 is a great looking helmet.  It comes in two colors; Midnight Blue and black.

Reviews I read stated helmet was comfortable, nice, excellent.  They are well liked.

Prices are pretty high compared to the ones above at $220. to $378.95.

The One K Defender is a nice looking black suede that has a “V” on the front for the cooling ventilation.

This helmet is priced at $233.95 to $263.95.

It comes in a variety of colors; Black Matte, Black, Navy Matte, Brown Matte, and Grey.

Good reviews were stating comfortable, one said they didn’t like the style, but it fits good.

It has a liner that can be taken out and washed.  It’s made with fashion and safety in mind.

Troxel makes schooling helmets such as the Liberty Low Profile with a list prices of $48. to $95.

The helmet has the dial fit system so it can be adjusted to fit.

Another Troxel is the Spirit All-Purpose Riding Helmets.  They come at the price of $39.95.  It has ventilation, a removable liner that is washable, and a bright pinkish color with design.  There are also black ones.

Conclusion and Call to Action

For me, I would probably stay with the Troxel brand.  Their prices are more in my range.  The safety and durability, the ventilation and styles and colors are as good as the more expensive ones out there and for a lot lower price.

If like me, you are in the market for a new riding helmet there is a great variety to choose from at 

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