Using CBD Oil

My little mare Poppy has a mass near her back legs. It’s about small melon size the last time the veternarian checked her. I had heard that using CBD oil may reduce the mass or at the least make her more comfortable.

It’s not getting any smaller. Where I’m not sure it has grown either, she does act differently. She walks crooked and stands rather oddly and also leans against anything that is near such as her stall wall. She is still grazing in the pasture and doesn’t seem to be in pain.

She has also been diagnosed with Cushing’s. I wrote about this issue in a post on May 16, 2017 here. I had talked about the tumor the vet had found as well.  In this post I’ll update.

My daughter had suggested using CBD oil. She had heard of people using the oil on their pets and having positive results.

I thought about it and put it off. The day I went out to see Poppy and witnessed her odd behavior I knew I had to try something, the something became the CBD oil.

The small bottle I bought was quite spendy, but it’s for my horse. I want her to be comfortable. I don’t want her to be in pain. I want what ever time she has left,  to be happy and to be a horse.

In my reading of an article about horses aging, they shared a chart of horse years compared to human years. My mare is between 78 and 93 years old. It opened my awareness that she’s quite fragile.

I haven’t been riding her. It’s been several weeks since the last time I rode. That last ride was just riding around a pasture, walking around barrels in the clover leaf pattern and going around the poles in the pole bending pattern, all at a walk.  It wasn’t a long ride, not quite an hour, but long enough to get away from the barn and do something different.

We enjoyed the time out there. I’m hoping that wasn’t the last ride we share, but as it looks now, it may be. I certainly don’t want to put pressure on her to carry me when at times she’s looked like she could fall over.

I bought the bottle of CBD oil. In using the CBD oil she fights me when I try to put the little eye drop of oil in her mouth. But I’ve been working with her and she doesn’t fight it anymore. Makes it easier for us both.

It was suggested to give two doses a day. So I give her the first dose by mouth and then put another dose in her grain. She eats that at her leisure.

Poppy has rallied. I believe the oil is helping. I turned her out in the bigger pasture she gets to go out in and she didin’t trot out, but she walked straight and I could see the eagerness she had to be out in a different place for a while.

She is doing better, but still has moments when she walks crooked and doesn’t want to graze much, but I’m hopeful she is getting better. I hope mostley that she will be comfortable and not in pain.

Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment or ask a question. I’ll do my best to answer.


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