When You Can’t Be With Your Horse


Poppy looking towards the trail up the canyon.
Poppy looking towards the trail up the canyon.

My Situation:

I am feeling frustrated, down, and lonely for my little mare. I recently had the opportunity to move close to family and even made a job transfer, but my horse is still where I was boarding her.

Before I moved I started trying to find a pasture for Poppy so I could bring her here with me as soon as possible. The area I moved to is country and open so I didn’t think it would be a big issue to find a space for her.

I’ve been proven wrong. Heck I’m having difficulty finding a home for myself as well. Thankfully family has provided a space for me and my kitty. I am looking at an apartment in a couple days so I think I have probably found my spot, but my poor little horse is still by herself.

The only good thing is that a wonderful friend is taking care of my horse. She has two of her own though and I feel I’m taking her away from her horses to take care of mine. All she does is feed and turn her out to pasture time and I think she is keeping an eye on and cleaning her hooves too since she is prone to thrush.

What a great friend. I can only hope to repay her in someway. If you find yourself in a similar situation that’s the best advice I can give, is make sure you have a loyal friend who can and is willing to take on the care of your equine family until you can do it yourself.

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This is a short blog and a slice of life story. I’m sure this happens to a lot of people that find themselves in a situation where you move, but it doesn’t work out to move your horse right away. Hopefully it is just a temporary situation and will soon work itself out.

The New Pasture:

As I am writing this I had an opportunity to drive out and look at some pasture. It is going to work for me and my horse. I am happy that this adventure is coming to an end and I have finally found a spot for her. There is a lot of room and a lot of riding area. I can’t wait to get her here and explore those trails and dirt road.

There are two other mares for company as soon as they get used to each other. It will be something to watch them meet. I will keep her in a near-by pen for a time till she gets used to new surroundings. She can see the other horses and will know she is not alone.

So the next couple weeks will be planning the exact day of her arrival. Then we can settle down and go for a ride.

Thanks for stopping by my hitching post today. It probably isn’t a very helpful one. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions please leave it in the space provided. I will try my best to answer.

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